Dontrelle Willis is Still Valuable

Mar 21, 12 Dontrelle Willis is Still Valuable

Just days after being released by the Philadelphia Phillies this spring, Dontrelle Willis signed a minor league deal with Baltimore Orioles. You may be wondering why teams keep signing Willis, who has been with six teams (Tigers, Giants, Diamondbacks, Reds, Phillies, and Orioles) since 2010. I wonder the same because all of these teams (with minor exception to the Giants) did not try Dontrelle out as a lefty specialist in the bullpen – he continues to be placed in the rotation, where he has been atrocious since 2007.

Here is why Dontrelle Willis is valuable if he is used exclusively as a lefty specialist.

Take a look at Dontrelle Willis‘ splits for key statistics in 75.2 innings last year and in his career as a whole underneath. The main numbers that pop out are his BAA (Batting Average Against) and K/9. Lefty batters have hit just .196 against Willis throughout his career, while RHBs have hit a respectable .276. Even more astounding – Willis’ strike out rate for LHBs is nearly doubled that of RHBs in his career (10.5 K/9 vs 5.72 K/9).

BAA vs L BAA vs R K/9 vs L K/9 vs R Strike% vs L Strike% vs R GB% vs L GB% vs R
2011 .123 .298 10.59 5.68 71.10% 60.60% 58.30% 53.80%
Career .196 .276 10.5 5.72 65.70% 61.10% 51.0% 45.0%


Two reasons for his success vs LHBs: 1) He throws strikes significantly more often to LHBs than he does to RHBs and 2) He induces ground-balls more often vs LHBs than he does vs RHBs.

Even though Willis has lost his overpowering velocity, he is able to succeed vs LHBs because of his off-speed pitches (slider and curve) which he has become more reliant on in recent years.

Another interesting note is Willis’ swinging strike percentage, which jumped up to 15% last year – the first time it reached such high margin since leaving the Marlins.

If Baltimore puts Dontrelle in the bullpen as a lefty specialist, the team will have a valuable asset.


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